Adopt the Vineyard of Spiaggia Grande Project

Adopt the Vineyard of Spiaggia Grande Project

You can join the project Adopt the vineyard of Spiaggia Grande (forth season) and support it for a period of one to three years (free of choice). The membership fee is yearly. You will receive the red organic wine Istmo 2022 already bottled or Istmo 2023 after bottling.  You can pick up your bottles from the wine cellar when you participate in the active learning days or during the exclusive dinner in the vineyard. We can also send your wines at home. Come with us!

By adopting this centennial vineyard, you support its recovery and conversion to organic grown grapes. In return, you will receive an extremely fine wine.  The closeness of the sea, healthy grapes, ungrafted indigenous vines, and age of the vineyard, all contribute to what makes this wine so unique. In addition, the vineyard’s production will improve in quality and quantity every year.

From their grapes, in 2020, 2021 and 2022, a special red wine has been produced, whilst the 2023 wine is in the making. The wine is called Istmo.

By adopting the vineyard, you will have the opportunity to participate in the teaching of, and learning of, an ancient culture.  Traditions and techniques have been passed down from father to son for generations thereby preserving the cultural heritage of the island, the Tabarchine people, and of Sardinia as a whole.


The Spiaggia Grande vineyard, which is located just metres from the sea, is surrounded by centuries-old junipers & Mediterranean bush. It has an area of 63 are (6,300 square metres) which includes approximately 2500 Carignano del Sulcis grapevines, of which many are centuries old. On the 21st of April 2020, a rental agreement was signed between Luisa Camoglio, organic wine grower and producer (La Casa di Sophia farm is located just 1km from the Spiaggia Grande vineyard), and the owner. As of the first of April 2020, this magnificent vineyard is cultivated according to the organic farming methodology.

The forth season of the program kicks off. Now you can adopt the Spiaggia Grande vineyard together a second vineyard located in Sisineddu. Both are Carignano del Sulcis vines, and both are located close to the sea in Calasetta (Isle of Sant’Antioco).

The second vineyard, located in an area called Sisineddu, not far from Calasetta, it is also located close to the sea. Since the 17th of June 2021 it is cultivated according to the organic farming methodology. This Carignano del Sulcis vineyard is approximately 50 years old. The vineyard is called Casa Cincotti, name given by its owners who are expert winegrowers since generations.

Going forward, we will help the plants to better protect themselves and feed them so that they can grow stronger. In organic farming, tenacity and meticulous dedication is rewarded. The results will come.

In the coming years we will support the grapevines by applying powder sulphur from March through June. We will continue with wettable sulphur in July (given at regular intervals), as well as feeding them with organic fertilizer. This year we will also plant green manure (favino beans) between the rows. This process will feed the grapevine.


Every year, we organize some beautiful days in the vineyard and the winery.  On a night of August, an amazing dinner amongst the vines will take place. 

The Project has great relevance for the region as it attracts wine lovers and connoisseurs of farming that respects the environment.  We will start the project The School of the ancient Carignano, that will teach traditional (250 years old) Carignano viticulture of the island.

In 2023, ISTMO will be certified as organic wine following a 3-year conversion period (organic certificate number IT-BIO 015-S00-22/311) an as IGT wine.

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The taste of the La Casa di Sophia, Mangiabarche and Istmo wines blend the flavor of the grapes, the expert hands of those that take care of them, the land, and the saline air and being fully conscious of their fragility. Our wine has no secrets.

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