Our Story

La Casa di Sophia is a biological farm and winery located at the Island of Sant'Antioco, connected by a small bridge to Sardinia. We care about the enviroment and believe in sustainable economy.

La Casa di Sophia

La Casa di Sophia is an organic farm and winery. It is located in the northwest of Sant’Antioco island (off the coast of southern Sardinia) at 5.5 km from Calasetta. It is steps away from the enchanting cliffs of Nido dei Passeri (Sparrow’s Nest), the lighthouse Mangiabarche and the Galleria a cielo aperto (outdoor Gallery of Mangiabarche).

Our Wines

Wine is a product of the land and our culture. For more than 10 years, we have cultivated the Carignano grapes respecting the environment. We have transformed them into wine using the artisanal method, spontaneus fermentation near the magnificent local sea and coast.

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I am Luisa Camoglio, born in Cagliari in 1969, from 2004 graduated as a General practitioner in Amsterdam and from 2006 owner and farmer at La Casa di Sophia. La Casa di Sophia was built in 1920 (using stone from the local area) and it was abandoned for 25 years. Three sisters lived there during the summer to supervise the workers and participate in the duties of the vineyard. The house was restored in 2007 and named La Casa di Sophia, as then my 1-year-old daughter.

Island of Sant'Antioco, Sardinia

On the dunes of Spiaggia Grande, a vineyard of more then 100 years has now new life. Viticulture has become an opportunity for knowledge and practice, for beauty and celebration.

Our Wines

The taste of the La Casa di Sophia, Mangiabarche and Istmo wines blend the flavor of the grapes, the expert hands of those that take care of them, the land, and the saline air and being fully conscious of their fragility. Our wine has no secrets.

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