Piedi sull’Isola

Poster of Piedi sull'Isola 2, with a purple wine bottle, with at it's center a sun. All on a green background

Piedi sull'isola is a platform created by La Casa di Sophia together with her partners, the Museum of modern art in Calasetta (Fondazione MACC), the Archive of the Taberchine culture (Raixe), the association Calasetta Colore e Cultura (CCN). Piedi sull'isola promotes the territory and develops projects with great relevance for the region, as it attracts wine and art lovers and connoisseurs of farming that respects the environment. 

Piedi sull'isola is an indipendent platform created by La Casa di Sophia. 

Piedi sull'isola has the aim to promote the territory and develop projects with an important relevance for the region, as it attracts wine and art lovers and connoisseurs of farming that respects the environment. 

Every year, Piedi sull'isola event takes place in collaboration with the Museum of modern art in Calasetta (Fondazione MACC), Ràixe, the Archive of the Taberkine culture (Cooperativa Millepiedi) and the CCN association (Calore, cultura, natura).

The last 2 years, Piedi sull'isola event presented several important issues such as: The Sustainability of Carignano wine produced by La Casa di Sophia, an approach Life Cycle Assessment (a study conducted by Pierpaolo Pirino and Enrico Vagnoni from the CNR - IBE, The Istitute for the Bio Economy), The biodiversity in viticulture and wines (Alberto Covacci, oenologist), A digital approach to document tradition and territory (Ràixe), Marketing of biological products: opportunities and criticalities in the framework of the European Green deal (Roberta De Lorentis, manager of Trading organic), Traditional cultivating Carignano grapes (Ernico Esu, wine producer). Mamoiada 2.0 wine producer, his territory and marketing (Luca Gungui, wine producer). Marvina's garden, a food-forest project in Calasetta (Anna Borioni journalist e Alberto Devitini, professional coltivator),  Biodiversity, microorganisms and climate (Alberto Covacci, oenologist), Adopt the vineyard project at the third year, and economical evolution of the territory at Sant'Antioco island (Luisa Camoglio).

 La scuola del Carignano (Carignano's school) is the next coming project, a school that will teach traditional Carignano viticulture of Sant’Antioco island as in the last 250 years and learn young farmers how to direct a company from cultivating healthy grapes up to selling own wines. Carignano's school will recall farmers, artists and every one to participate to her courses and practical lessons at La Casa di Sophia's vineyards and winery. La Casa di Sophia is looking for new partners and a found raising. Follow us!




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